How Would You Market My Business?

I get this question a lot. Usually in passing at a networking event, or on a social media question and answer platform. The simple answer is I can’t…YET. I don’t know your goals, who is your target customer, or why you are selling this product or service. Unfortunately, there are not any hard and fast rules you can implement that will work the same way for every business.


Most recently I met with a Zumba Instructor that conveyed her thoughts that blogging is an ineffective waste of time and won’t help market any business. I smiled and replied, “Blogging isn’t an ineffective tactic; it is, however, an ineffective tactic for a business like yours.” While there may be some Zumba organizations that have seen some success with blogging, a workout enthusiast is less likely going to want to read about the new dance steps that have everyone toning up their legs and butt. The workout enthusiast wants to SEE those steps. A video-blog or “vlog” would, in fact, be a great marketing tool for this type of business.


An effective marketing campaign will also require a solid brand identity. Your customers and referral partners need to have a solid understanding of who you are, what you are selling and why you are selling it, and to whom are you selling. Are you an individual brand that includes a tangible product or a range of products like Kleenex or Clorox? Maybe you are an Event or Experience brand like TED or SXSW? Who is your ideal client or customer, why do they buy from you, and where are those individuals spending time? Is your “why” conveyed in everything you do both internally and externally?


While it may seem like an overwhelming task, marketing your business doesn’t have to be the daunting, or worse, the expensive task you might imagine. However, inconsistent marketing efforts could leave you feeling like it is an inappropriate use of capital because you simply will not see any results. Further, if you use the wrong type of marketing tactic to promote your business, those will be equally ineffective.


JetPak Branding helps build consistent marketing strategies by engaging in industry research, identifying appropriate marketing outlets, and recommending options for both digital and print marketing campaigns. JetPak Branding will provide consistent and creative marketing materials and marketing strategies in alignment with sales activity. Contact Jenn Pak at to schedule an appointment to discuss your marketing needs.

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